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Russia To Ban Facebook Twitter And YouTube

Russia To Ban Facebook, Twitter And YouTube

Tech giants one way or the other always find themselves in the center of controversy. For example, Google was recently caught conspiring actions to...
Russian and Telegram

Russia Finally Lifts Ban On Telegram Messaging App

After a two years of restriction, Russia has finally lifted up its ban on the Telegram. The messaging platform was blocked in 2018 by...

Huawei Tablets To Run On Russian Aurora OS For Population Census

Who would have thought that Huawei is going to end up using a Russian OS on its devices or did you? Well, it's real....

Russia Says It Prefers China’s 5G Network Signal Band

According to reports, Russia has recently announced the latest version of the draft development of 5G technology concept before 2020. And in the concept...

Russia and Iran warn Trump against further action against Assad or they would retaliate

Russian and Iranian militaries have cautioned the United States President, Donald Trump that they would hit back with military action if he launched more attacks against...

Russia to label Jehovah’s Witnesses as ‘extremist organization’

The Russian Government through the Ministry of Justice has made a move to tag Jehovah’s Witnesses, an extremist organization after several years of the...

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