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Snapdragon 660 vs Kirin 710: Which is better?

Kirin and Snapdragon chipsets are used by different smartphone manufacturers. In this Kirin 710 vs Snapdragon 660 comparison, we look at the two mid-range chips to see how they compare.. Note that…



MediaTek Unveils Helio P22, For Mid-Range Phones

MediaTek has unveiled a new SoC, the Helio P22. This is the first mid-range chipset to be built on a 12nm process, specifically TSMC’s FinFET. It joins its siblings, the P23, P30, and P60, to offer…

Facebook Set To Design Its Own Chipsets

It seems Facebook is about to join companies that manufactures semiconductor chipsets as the social media giant is designing its own. The job listing on the social-networking company's corporate…


Intel To Launch Core i9 Laptops This Year

If you are talking about top processor makers in the world, you will definitely be counting Intel as one of the best. You may have bought a laptop that is powered by any of its chipset Atom, Celeron…

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