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After Google+, Google is Working on Another New Social Network

Google might be regarded as a failure in building a successful social networking platform inspite of several attempts, but that isn’t apparently stopping the...

Google Unveils Currents, an enterprise replacement for Google+

After shutting down Google Plus (aka Google+), Google has unveiled Currents, a new G suite app that enables people to have meaningful discussions and interactions...

The Main Reason Behind The Shutting Down Of Google Plus

There's more to why Google Plus (Google+) would be shut down completely. Google’s social media platform Google+ potentially exposed the personal information of 52.5...

How To Download Your Data on Google Plus

Few hours ago, we reported that Google is officially shutting down Google+ due to privacy issues. Though, it was launched about 7 years ago to...

Google Shuts Down Google+ Due To Privacy Issues

Google has announced that it will be shutting down Google+, its social network that was unveiled about 7 years ago in a bid to stand...

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