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UK Telecoms Banned From Buying 5G Equipment From Huawei

In a decision that is expected to delight the Trump administration in the US and throw terrible stone at Beijing, the UK government has banned its mobile operators from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after 31 December. Moreover, the Boris…


China To Ditch Windows PCs In Government Offices By 2022

The US-China trading seems to be escalating beyond our thoughts. The Chinese government is reportedly planning to ditch Microsoft Windows in all its government offices within the next three years. According to FT, the Chinese country is…


Samsung shuts down its last smartphone factory in China

Samsung has closed its last plant in China – production at the facility in Huizhou reduced a few months ago and has now been completely shut down, according Reuters. In 2017 the Huizhou factory manufactured 64 million phones, a…

Huawei Given Another 90 Day Reprieve from the U.S

The U.S government has given Huawei another 90-day reprieve. The temporary license accorded to the Chinese tech manufacturer in May expired today and it was expected that it would be extended. Early today in an interview with Maria…

Russia Says It Prefers China’s 5G Network Signal Band

According to reports, Russia has recently announced the latest version of the draft development of 5G technology concept before 2020. And in the concept document, it is proposed to give priority to the signal band used in China. It simply…




US and China Governments Reach Agreement Over ZTE

ZTE, a Leading Chinese telecommunication, equipment and smartphone company will keep buying components from US firms, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal today. As assured by US President Donald Trump, the seven-year ban will…