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Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery Now The Third Largest App Store After Google and Apple

Huawei has recently released an online press release regarding its proprietary AppGallery (App Store). In the press release, the Chinese manufacturer stated that the its...

Apple Bans Cryptocurrency Mining on iOS Devices

And the war against digital money continues. Apple has joined the train that has Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Facebook in it after updating its...

The Real Reason Why Apple Deleted Telegram From App Store

Last week, we told you that Apple removed the Telegram from the App Store claiming that it received complaints alleging “inappropriate content” was hosted...

Apple Boots Out Telegram from App Store

It's not every time we see booting out of popular apps such as Telegram from app stores of different smartphone ecosystems. In fact, the...
coinbase 1

Coinbase becomes the most popular iPhone app, taking advantage of Bitcoin price surge

No one foresee this few years ago that a system most thought could be scam appears to be moving the world faster to the feature....

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