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How To Resolve Error 0x80246019 on Windows 10

Microsoft launched its in-house app marketplace Microsoft Store with the release of Windows 10. However, it has been facing many issues ranging from failed downloads to incomprehensible error messages…

How to remove or bypass password in windows 10

Have you ever been locked out of your Windows 10 computer due to password issue? Don’t worry because in this article, you will find a comprehensive guide on how to bypass the windows 10 password.…


The New Light Theme in Windows 10 Is Cool

Recently, Microsoft introduced a ‘Dark Mode’ in Windows 10, and now, it however seems the company is about to review that as we are now looking at a new ‘Light Theme’ in the latest Windows 10 Insider…



Tips And Tricks To Speed Up Your Windows 10 PC

Personally, Windows 10 is the best OS from Microsoft. Though it has some bad side but has far more appreciable side. The general consensus seems to be that it’s an improvement on previous editions.…



700 million devices running on Windows 10

This is a trememdous increase from 500 million reported by Microsoft earlier this year. The tech company has recorded an increase from 500 to 700 million devices running on Windows 10. Great.…

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