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Tips on how to Link Spotify with Google Assistant

With various version of Android coming forth in the past couple of years it still fails to provide a unified and consistent experience across third-party apps and services. Spotify is among those…


How to upload your photos to Instagram from your PC

One wonders why Instagram at this level of exposure in "technology made-easy" refused to allows users have the ability to upload photos from your desktop. Currently, it is not possible to use the…

Tips and Tricks To Manage Notifications On Android

Android notifications have their own pros and of course cons. And to make the matter worse, recently, every app wants your attention and that is becoming annoying and overwhelming. The constant…


Samsung Galaxy Fold Wallpapers: Download From HERE

One of the most striking and amazing devices announced so far this year is the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This is a smartphone that includes a folding panel that reaches 7.3 inches when it is unfold

Best Apple iPhone 2019: Which iPhone will you buy?

Selecting the best iPhone can be an uneasy task, considering the number of models currently available in the market. Going through the specifications and features of smartphones is often a difficult…



6 Best Free Video Editing Applications For Android

I’ve heard a lot of people say they want to attach one or two videos together and also do some minor edits on the video, but they don’t have a computer. I have compiled a list of the best free video…

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