Skype Messenger gets Private Conversations with end-to-end encryption

Skype has introduced the end-to-end encryption feature to its service. The Microsoft-owned service has collaborated with Signal so to enable the new functionality, which is non-compulsory and not default for every chat. Consequently, Skype’s implementation is just like that Facebook Messenger type, which has dedicated Secret Conversations for set up. Skype’s version is dubbed Private […]

Microsoft Unveils Kaizala, a Chat App Targeted at Local Businesses

Microsoft has officially unveiled a mobile productivity app dubbed Kaizala in Kenya for all local organizations. The app’s design was targetted at addressing large group communication as well as work management that no other messaging app has managed to solve before. Overall, the app was designed in a way that would make it simple and […]

Microsoft gives OneDrive for Android a new look

Microsoft has updated the Android version of OneDrive. The updated app now comes with a bottom tab bar more in agreement with the updated Android user design guidelines. The app looks more modern and cleaner than before. Another feature added is a new Me tab. From the new feature, you can keep track of […]

700 million devices running on Windows 10

This is a trememdous increase from 500 million reported by Microsoft earlier this year. The tech company has recorded an increase from 500 to 700 million devices running on Windows 10. Great. Though, Microsoft set itself a target of 1billion for the year 2017, but it’s still a good success, leaving the company a short […]

Microsoft Edge stable version now available on iOS and Android for everybody

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android stable version is finally out after releasing the Beta version couple of months ago and its now available for everyone as well. So users on iOS and Android can take a stroll to their respective stores to download it freely. Talking about the performance of the browsers, there certainly […]

Microsoft set to introduce tabs to every Windows 10 app

Currently, Windows 10 doesn’t support multiple tabs for apps, but it’s one of the most popular requests from users. File Explorer, especially, doesn’t have a tab switching interface, as opposed to Finder on macOS. Well, that’s about to change. Microsoft is introducing a new feature called “Sets.” It’s a new tab interface Windows 10 testers […]

How to Stop Spam Emails from Reaching Your Inbox

People around the world have been sweating on how deal with menace of spam mails maliciously finding their ways into their electronic mail boxes. If you are very active online and enter your personal details on various websites anytime it is requested, your email may become inundated by unsolicited emails which go into your spam […]

Xiaomi sold 10 million phones in October

Xiaomi has repeated what most will call amazing record by repeating the same feat it achieved in September after selling up to 10 million phones in October. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun posted the good news on his Weibo account while reminding people of the imminent sale of the Mi 5X (also known as Mi A1 […]

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Specifications, Feature and Price

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Specifications, Feature and Price The much anticipated Microsoft Surface Book 2 has finally surfaced. Its predecessor Microsoft Surface Book was released almost 2 years ago and we are just getting the version 2. The Surface Book 2 (2-in-1) comes with more powerful Intel processors, latest graphics cards and larger display. […]