Updates on Intel Spectre and Meltdown: How to protect Your data

Intel releases update against spectre. How to go about it. Indeed, last week was a terrible week for ​Intel on the recent security issues. The potential calamities was made known very much by Google when it warned about vulnerabilities affecting a huge array of processors made over the last couple decades, particularly ones from Intel. […]

Intel says it can now fix the Spectre bug that Google found to be unfixable

​Intel claims its can make its processors to be “immuned” to Spectre, which Google confirmed it’s fixable. Intel says that it has begin the sending out of fixes for the massive “Meltdown” and “Spectre” security bugs, with 90% of recent processors getting the patch by the end of next week. Google had earlier stated that […]

Adobe Flash now attracts malware to you PC/laptop

Sometimes, one still wonders why we install Adobe Flash on our PC.  I am asking this question because of what comes after it. Theres an information coming from a top Anti-Virus developer, Kaspersky, saying it has discovered vulnerability attached to Adobe Flash Player known as FinSpy or FinFisher. Aside the malware threats, hope you know […]

Tips on how to protect your business against online threats

Since the number of online threats keeps growing geometerically, it’s very important to acquire some knowledge on how to protect your data and even your computers, be it mobile or immobile from them. It’s no secret that home users aren’t the only ones affected by this problem. Companies face the same issue. It doesn’t even […]

Red Alert 2.0: A malware that steals your bank account details

Can Android ever be free from malware? A rhetorical question indeed. Yet again, there is what is called Red Alert 2.0 Trojan. It is a malware whose main drive is to snitch your banking and social login details from your Android device. A Trojan, mostly known horse, is any malicious computer programme this also […]

New Security Flaw That Attacks Your Phone’s Bluetooth Appears, It’s Called Blueborne

While we are looking out for possible ways that our smartphones could be hijacked, and shielding ourselves from these threats, more security threats keeps increasing. Theres a new vulnerability that has been discovered. This time around, the vulnerability is said to be able to infect Android devices with either malware or ransomware through a simple […]

Things to do after discovering that your Android smartphone has malware

When you discovered that your Android device’s performance becomes awful, suddenly becomes slower, data consumption becomes so high, then it’s likely you have an app infected with Android malware. There are many free apps that promise a lot of suspiciously free things like cheat codes, mobile tweaks, and so on have such malware written into […]