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Using Google AdSense App To Track Your Earnings

If you own a website, whether it is a blog, online store, a portal, or even a mobile app, Google AdSense is one of the most effective ways to generate passive income from it. Passive income is revenue…




How to Convert Photos from HEIC to JPG In iOS 11

Most people find that photos in iPhone are saved as HEIC format instead of the common JPG format after updating their devices to iOS 11. HEIC is the new file type of photos in iOS 11, short for High…


Xiaomi Unveils Mi Body Composition Scale

Everything getting smart as Xiaomi announced the Mi Body Composition Scale in India. The device is designed to track various body stats when paired with the Mi Fit app. At a glimpse, the Mi Body…

Google Lens is now available on iOS Devices

Recently, Google made its Lens feature to be available to every Android device and now it will officially start rolling out the same feature to Apple iOS devices in next coming weeks. What Does Len…


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