How To Use WhatsApp on Old Blackberry and Windows Phones 8.0

This is going to be a goodnews for all Blackberry users who refused to drop the legendary smartphones and still want to use their WhatsApp on them. It’s no news that WhatsApp has dropped its support for Blackberry OS, Blackberry OS 10 and Windows Phone 8.0 platforms.

How to back up your blogger theme/template

In the Blogger platform, as a blogger, you always want to add a new widget or a functionality to your blog and from a tutorials, you were asked to make changes to your templates. So it is important to have a backed-up template so if anything goes wrong you can always fall back to the […]

How To Retrieve Your Lost Notification Log On Android Phones

Did you mistakenly wipe off your Notification logs and suddenly, a feeling landed on your nerves telling you that you have swept away an attracting message or notification but eventually gave up the search. Well there’s a way out to locate your logs. Below is how to get access to the notification log; Step 1. […]

Ask Lara: An app that gives you directions to your destination

Lara is a very interesting platform. It is a simple web app that helps its users with directions to their destination, as well as with estimated fare. She will also give you an estimate of how much time your commute will take. How to Use Lara? It’s just too easy to use, easy as eating […]

WhatsApp on Android

​How to Use two WhatsApp accounts on your phone

Having a dual-SIM phone gives you opportunity to use the different SIM cards in making and receiving calls, send and receive text messages, on separate numbers. But do you know you have a dual WhatsApp accounts working on the same phone? There are a few different ways to do this, and some phone-makers are offering […]

How to recover your photos on Android after factory reset

If you have lost your photos on Android device after factory reset, you can try professional Android data recovery tool to get them back. Fucosoft Android Data Recovery is a nice choice. It can help you effectively recover photos, videos, music, as well as text messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp on the Android phone lost […]

How To Shut Down Your Android Device By Sending SMS

Ever forgotten your phone somewhere or scared of leaving your phone with an untrustworthy individual who you believe can have access your personal information – kids or even adults – or kill your battery before coming back to pick it? Well there’s a way around it to prevent anybody from touching the phone. All you […]

10 Things You Can Do With An OTG Cable Connected To Your Android Smartphone

The meaning of USB OTG is simply USB On-the-GO. It enables USB Devices to act as a host that allows other USB devices to be connected to them. This feature was initially common among premium devices but now available for almost all the smartphones in town. Here are 10 remarkable things owners of such phones […]

How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection Error on Android Phones

Android powered devices are very good and user-friendly in terms of designs but sometimes encounters Wi-Fi connectivity issue which can be maddening. Wi-Fi connectivity issue is a regularly problem Android smartphones while iOS are excellent. However, below are some possible solutions to fix any Wi-Fi connectivity issue on Android. Firstly, we are going to start […]