Do You Want One? The World’s Smallest Phone

The same set of humans that wants almost 7-inch display for what they carry around as phones will be the same set of beings that will wish to have the smallest screen, primarily for phone calls. Count me among them. To meet our needs if you are in this category, a group of people are […]

Fero Mobile F1100 Specifications and Price

Donít get it twisted, this is not Nokia 3310 2017, this is Fero Mobile F1100, though they look alike in design but they are not the same. The specs for Fero Mobile F1100 is a totally different from this year 3310. The F1100 is a total basic feature phone with a small 1.8-inch screen and […]

HMD considers making 4G Nokia featurephone

According to HMD, the local market in India lacks interest in 3G phones, so it would not be producing 3G Nokia 3310 (2017) for Indians. However, in an interview granted by Ajey Mehta, the Vice President of HMD Global for India revealed that HMD is considering developing a 4G featurephone. He made reference to Reliance […]

Nokia 3310 3G

Nokia 3310 3G Specifications, Features and Price Nokia 3310 (2017) was a huge hit following its announcement early 2017. However, sad news almost took over somehow when HMD said the phone will not be supporting 3G networks. This became an issue for fans in the US and other countries that are on the verge of […]

Reliance Jio 4G Feature Phone

Reliance Jio Specifications, Features and Price Back in February, we reported that Reliance would be introducing a feature phone with 4G LTE and VoLTE. Yes, itís now available in India. Reliance, the mobile network operator that has been disrupting mobile data in the country, has announced a 4G LTE feature phone. The Reliance Jio Phone […]

Nokia 105 2017 Specifications and Price: Remake of Nokia 105

I think the year 2017 should be branded the year of Nokia’s resurrection. Recall that Nokia remade 3310 (2017 version) and now, we are getting the coming back of Nokia 105 but a 2017 version as well. Nokia 105 2017 has been announced by HMD Global. The first Nokia 105 was launched about 4 years […]

The Nokia 3310 That Costs $2466, About ?776,790

Russian company Caviar is an expert at manufacturing special edition phones decorated with the portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Nokia 3310 now has both Trump and Putin adorned on it. What a way to bring back the Nokia 3310 So if you are craving for that nostalgic feeling, all you need to do […]

Reasons why FEATURE PHONES may live Forever

By Andre February 16, 2017 Feature phones are mobile phones that comes with features such as the capability to browsing through the Internet and store data and play music but does not the advanced operations of a smartphone or computer. Feature phones, of course opposite of the word “smart phones”. Are they really dump, what […]

Feature Phone with 4G LTE set to be launched

I personally thought the mass infilteration of smartphones will automatically eliminate feature phones but I was wrong. No wonder Bloomberg reports shows that smartphone shipments in Africa declined by 5.2%. Finally if this could later become real, then smartphones needs to be smarter than present.  Although, feature phone market share is decreasing day by day […]