How to back up your blogger theme/template

In the Blogger platform, as a blogger, you always want to add a new widget or a functionality to your blog and from a tutorials, you were asked to make changes to your templates. So it is important to have a backed-up template so if anything goes wrong you can always fall back to the […]

How To Create Specific Label Posts Widget For Blogger

After so many efforts on how to display my posts based on particular label posts in side widget or in the body. There are so many benefits of this, as it’s also part of making it easier for visitors to get what they what and easy navigations. Below are the guidelines to follow: Guidelines: Step […]

How To Protect Your Google AdSense Account From Invalid Clicks

Sometimes, you get your Google AdSense account banned for committing blunders which you might have even forgotten overlooked. Most of the AdSense users got banned because of clicking their own ads by mistake. Despite knowing that the click was by accident, Google won’t understand it was not with you then. I have once been a […]

How To Remove “Required field must not be left blank” In Blogger

Blogger can be notorious sometimes during customization. One of the unwanted error message you get as a blogger is ”Required field must not be left blank” error message when trying to add a gadget such as image gadgets, search box gadgets and some others without title. See the image above as illustration: How To Remove “Required field […]

How To Split Your Blog’s Header into Two Columns

Most of the default Blogger template are highly customizable to users’ taste.  However, currently (as the time of publishing this post) one cannot the header of the blogger blog into two. Now, this post is going to show you a very simple way on how to split your blogger head or any section you would […]

How To Add AdSense In-Feed Ad To Old Mobile Blogger Themes

From my previous post on How to add In-feed ad unit to Blogger Blogspot, after implementation, you discovered that it’s not displaying on your mobile view, this could that mean you are losing some cash and you don’t know.  Yes, it is possible to add the in-feed ad to the old mobile blogger theme. What I […]

How to Show Images only in Blogger’s homepage and hide from post page

Looking for how to add a custom posts thumbnail in blogger or how to hide a particular picture/image from your posts in Blogger and make them visible on your homepage as Thumbnails. Other platforms such as WordPress enjoys this feature when creating your post. You have an option to choose a specific image to show […]

How to Divide or Split Blogger Header Into 2 Columns

This article is about how to split your Blogger’s header into two columns. Do you want your blog to look professional and beautiful? You can place your blog title beside advert. You can add gadget close to header by splitting header section into two columns on Blogger. I am going to show you an easy […]

How to add In-feed ad unit to Blogger Blogspot

In this article, we are going to learn how to add the latest Google AdSense In-Feed ad unit on your site if based on blogger. You don’t have to be a tech geek to do this. Recall that early July this year, Google announced a new ad unit style which is the In-Feed ads unit. […]

Settings That Helps Indexing Of Your Post On Google Within A Minute

Google Webmaster Tools is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters. It helps you to locate issues with your site and can even let you know if it has been infected with malware.  The Google webmaster tool helps us in submitting post and also submit our blog link for safety and also it […]