iPhone X Sales Pulling Down Samsung

Many are still surprise how Apple didn’t sell as much iPhone Xs as expected and projected by the company despite the hype and the beauty. The last report coming out of the California-based company says they had sold about 77.3 million iPhones (including the iPhone X) during the last quarter of 2017 – 1% drop […]

Key Maintenance Tips For Your iOS Device

Apple has over the years succeeded to establish itself as one of the foremost companies in the world of technology. There is no doubt that most people will prefer an iOS device over an Android alternative. However, it is very important to realize that all devices can experience problems in the near future. Since these […]

The Real Reason Why Apple Deleted Telegram From App Store

Last week, we told you that Apple removed the Telegram from the App Store claiming that it received complaints alleging “inappropriate content” was hosted on the chat platform. Telegram creator Pavel Durov instantly reacted to decision taken by Apple to delete the app by saying that he’s planning to implement protections that would thwart the […]

How To Fix iPhone Bluetooth Issues

Unlike what obtains on Android smartphones, Bluetooth on iPhones does not allow you to beam media files and the like to and from other devices. While that is a limitation, iPhone Bluetooth is still a very valuable feature because it lets you use your iPhone with a wide range of accessories. These include: Bluetooth headsets, […]

Apple Boots Out Telegram from App Store

It’s not every time we see booting out of popular apps such as Telegram from app stores of different smartphone ecosystems. In fact, the only time this happens is when an app is abandoned by its developers or they compromises in terms of security. An instance was the removal of Alibaba’s UC Browser from Google’s […]

Apple Will Release 6.1-inch LCD iPhone with 18:9 screen

Apple is reportedly working on three iPhones for this year’s big launch. This is in accordance to rumours flying around last year. Two of these devices will feature OLED panels like the iPhone X, and one will as a matter of fact be a direct successor to the current model, sporting the exact same screen […]

OLED screens threatens the almighty LCDs

The cathode ray tube was ground-breaking as it brought screens to the home, before it people had to go to the cinema to watch a movie. In the last couple of decades CRT was displaced by LCD – liquid crystal displays – but now LCDs themselves are under attack from OLED – organic light emitting […]

Apple release iOS 11.2.1 and tvOS 11.2.1, to fix bug affecting remote access in HomeKit

Apple has release iOS 11.2.1 and tvOS 11.2.1 and made them available to download and install. They expected to be available over-the-air to supported mobile devices and Apple TV consoles. Both of these updates virtually fix the same thing: the inability to use remote access in HomeKit for shared users. This was temporarily disabled last […]

iPhone X officially launched in Nigeria

The holiday season has started on a high as the Apple iPhone X last Friday launched in Nigeria. The worlds biggest smartphone maker unveiled its latest smartphone device at the Wings Concrete Lounge, Wings Office Complex; 17A Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos. The iPhone X is Apples most recent product right after the iPhone 8 […]

The 7 best smartphones of 2017

2017 can be regarded as a year of signs and wonders in terms of technology. With just few days to step out of the year, I will be sharing my on view on best smartphones of the year. Talking about the best, I am not just seating my conclusion on the outside build of the […]