Instagram introduces a new activity status feature

Instagram has introduce a new activity status feature to its iOS and Android app. Since the company is yet to officially announce the development, it’s possible the feature is still under testing and not available for everyone. However, it does seem to be available for most users right now. Reports have been going round that […]

WhatsApp Officially Announces Business app In Some Countries

WhatsApp has officially launched a new WhatsApp Business app for small business owners to communicate with their customers. This app has been around for a while and a lot of businesses have already been using it but this official launching simply implies that the app will serve better than before. With WhatsApp business, business owners […]

Nigerians Develops a Twitter Bot to Help you “Shoot your Shots”

Connect with your crush on Twitter with the help of twinderbot As a Twitter user, then you should be familiar with “shooting your shot”, and if  you don’t know. It means to take a pretty chance and talk to that boy/girl that you think is cute. Well, people have been shooting shots but despite of being […]

Opera officially launches its new app, Opera News, in Africa

​The Opera News is in line with its quest to become the number news app in Africa, thanks to the over 100 thousand downloads it recorded in less than two weeks. Opera Software has officially launch its Opera News, a new AI-powered app which lets people to access their favorite news articles and hottest trending […]

Ask Lara: An app that gives you directions to your destination

Lara is a very interesting platform. It is a simple web app that helps its users with directions to their destination, as well as with estimated fare. She will also give you an estimate of how much time your commute will take. How to Use Lara? It’s just too easy to use, easy as eating […]

iOS users can now plays vertical videos correctly on YouTube app

This functionality has been available on the Android app for two and a half years now but for some iOS platform, no reasonable reason was given for the snub. However, iOS app has finally been updated with the functionality – ability to playback vertical videos correctly. With this, users can now watch a vertically shot […]

Instagram is rolling out a new yuletide update

Instagram has yet again released an update to its app. The Facebook-owned social network latest update (version 26) can said to have simply been inspired by the holiday spirit.  The companys graphic department has obviously been seriously busy, and so the developers. One of the more advanced new additions to the v26 update is a […]

How to temporarily turn off WhatsApp

Hate disturbance from the messaging app or don’t want anybody to know that you are online yet you want your data connection on. All you need do is to turn off your WhatsApp application and continue with your browsing. Well, I am referring to Android users. Step1: Go to Settings >Applications* > Running. (some will […]

KPOLOM Launches – Reduces Long Queues at ATM Points in Port-Harcourt

This could possibly be the solution to the long queue at ATMs experienced by the residents of Port-Harcourt. This problem occurs every year during this period – christmas period. It was so unpleasant for business such as Supermarket that even the biggest had to do without making use of POS and insist you pay with […]