OpenAI has announced that you can now access ChatGPT without requiring sign-up or login. This move aims to democratize AI, making it available to anyone interested in its capabilities, said the company.

The company emphasizes its commitment to providing widespread access to tools like ChatGPT to enable people to explore AI’s benefits. Currently, over 100 million individuals from 185 countries use ChatGPT weekly for various purposes, including learning, creativity, and obtaining answers.

Using ChatGPT without Sign Up

Regarding data usage, OpenAI mentions that user-provided content may be utilized to enhance their models. Users have the option to disable this feature in their Settings.

Turning Off ChatGPT Training Model

OpenAI has also implemented additional content safeguards to ensure a safer experience, such as blocking certain prompts and generations across various categories.

While emphasizing the advantages of account creation, such as saving chat history, sharing chats, and accessing additional features like voice conversations and custom instructions, the company acknowledges the convenience of immediate access for those hesitant to set up an account.


ChatGPT is now available instantly without sign-up, with a gradual rollout expected to reach various regions over time.


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