Mainlogix Technology, a firm has unveiled “Smart”, an innovative, personalised intelligence voice assistant poised to transform the way individuals engage with their homes.

A statement by the founder, Josiah Akinloye noted that it offers unprecedented customization options, allowing users to address the assistant with endearing pet names like “Joy Home.”

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He said activation is effortless, with users able to summon it using personalised wake words such as “Hey Joy” or “Ok Sam,” ensuring seamless and intuitive communication with their smart home ecosystem, including activities like music playback and more.

He noted that the standout feature of the innovation lies in its seamless integration with Mainlogix’s Intelligent Automation system.

He said: “This groundbreaking technology transcends traditional home security measures by simulating the presence of homeowners even in their absence. In the event of a potential intrusion, Smart springs into action, activating a series of defensive measures such as controlling the TV, adjusting window curtains, and modulating lights. Additionally, it promptly dispatches notifications to both the user and security authorities, ensuring swift response and unparalleled peace of mind.

“Complementing “Smart” is Mainlogix Technology’s latest innovation, an intelligent robot tailored explicitly for home environments. This adaptable assistant lends invaluable support with a wide array of day-to-day activities, spanning household chores to entertainment and beyond. With its advanced capabilities and user-friendly interface, the Mainlogix robot promises to elevate and streamline the residential living experience for homeowners.

“At Mainlogix, we’re dedicated to pushing technological boundaries to craft solutions that enhance and safeguard the lives of our customers. With Smart and our intelligent automation system, we are reshaping the landscape of smart homes, empowering users with unprecedented control and peace of mind.”

The firm with its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, and operations extending to Lagos, Nigeria, continues to lead the charge in smart home technology and it’s committed to innovation.


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