More iPhone 16 details continue to emerge. According to recent leaks, the series is expected to maintain its four-model structure but will introduce significant changes in battery design and capacity across its variants.

iPhone 16 render by macrumor

iPhone 16 Series Coming With New Battery Designs and Capacities

According to the leaks, the iPhone 16 series might ditch the L-shaped battery design introduced in the iPhone 13 series for some models. While the specific reason for this shift remains unclear, it could point towards internal layout changes or perhaps pave the way for new features requiring more space.

But fear not, power users! Leaks suggest significant boosts in battery capacities across the board. The standard iPhone 16 is rumored to jump to a 3,561mAh battery, while the iPhone 16 Plus might sport a hefty 4,006mAh cell. The flagship model, the iPhone 16 Pro Max, could see a monster 4,676mAh battery, potentially offering multi-day usage for moderate users. Details on the iPhone 16 Pro, expected to be the most sought-after model, have yet to surface.

iPhone 16 Series Coming With New Battery Designs

These reported numbers represent a welcome improvement over the current generation. The base iPhone 15 currently features a 3,279mAh battery, while the Pro Max tops out at 4,352mAh. If accurate, the increases could translate to noticeable gains in screen-on time and overall user experience.

iPhone 16 series to have bigger batteries

However, it’s important to remember that these are still leaks, and things can change before the official launch. Apple could decide to stick with the L-shaped design, tweak the reported capacities, or surprise us entirely with other battery-related innovations.

As per previous leaks, the iPhone 16 series is expected to undergo a major redesign, ending the design trend that started with the iPhone 11 Pro. This redesign will feature significant changes including a shift from diagonal to vertical camera lenses for the rear camera layout.

The Pro Max variant is not expected to significantly increase in size. The new models will return to a camera layout reminiscent of the iPhone X and iPhone 11, with additional updates including a new button layout that may incorporate capacitive touch buttons. There is also speculation about the inclusion of a periscope camera in the iPhone 16 Pro, although details are sparse.



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