Have you ever felt like not replying to Instagram messages you didn’t want to answer, and as the same time, you don’t want the sender to know you’ve seen them? Wll, your heart desire has been granted! Instagram is currently testing a feature that allows you to disable read receipts.

What the above means is that even if you’ve opened and read a message, the sender won’t see the “seen” label appear underneath it. Here are the details…

Instagram Hits the Button for the Read Receipt Disabling Feature!

Privacy is something we all desire but rarely have. Many of us use social media and live our lives according to the rules of these platforms. What we eat, where we go, what we share—all under the control of platforms like Instagram. We can send messages to each other, and if we choose not to respond, we are marked with the “seen” label. However, users have long been uncomfortable with this.

Instagram finally allows you to read DMs without sending read Receipts

That’s why they want Instagram to introduce a feature that allows them to disable the read receipt. Fortunately, this option is finally being added to the platform. Adam Mosseri, one of the company’s executives, announced the good news with these words: “We’ve heard your feedback and started testing a new feature that allows you to turn off the read status. In the near future, people won’t have to show others when they’ve been seen when they read messages.”

Mosseri also shared a screenshot of what the feature might look like. Frankly, it’s quite gratifying to see this feature, albeit belatedly. We all have moments when we’re busy, times when we don’t want to spend time on social media, and moments when we don’t want to respond to anyone. However, many of us reply to messages instead of sending a “seen” message because we don’t want to appear rude.

For now, there is no information about when the Instagram read receipt disabling feature will be available. However, considering that it’s ready, it will likely be added to the platform through an update after a short testing phase. I’d also like to remind you that when you activate this feature, there is a possibility that others may not be able to see if you’ve read their messages in a similar way.

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