Reddit which has over 50 million daily active users on its platform, has launched a Contributor Program. Now, users in the United States, including moderators, can earn real money for their content and contributions. Monthly payouts are based on the karma and gold received by the user.


How To Earn Money On Reddit

Here’s how it works: Users can click on “Get Verified to Start Earning” from their Reddit profile to join the program. There are two earning categories: “standard contributors” earn 90 cents per gold, while “top contributors” earn $1 per gold.

To qualify as a standard contributor, you need at least 10 gold and a karma score between 100 to 4,999 from the past year. For top contributors, the requirement is 10 gold and over 5,000 karma.

In addition to this, Reddit has updated its gold system. Users can long-press the upvote icon to choose from six different gold awarding options, starting at $1.99 for one gold, all the way up to $49.00 for 25 gold.

This move aligns Reddit with other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which have similar user monetization tactics. However, the new system might shift user focus towards content that earns gold and karma, possibly affecting the platform’s quality of discussion. By introducing this program, Reddit is changing the way we think about social media engagement and monetization.