Oppo has for many years been making use of color green for its logo. The design of the logo changed over time, but the green color always remained. In fact, Oppo was so closely associated with the color green that it earned the nickname “The Green Factory” in China. However, the company recently decided to make some changes to its brand image, and it ditched its iconic green logo for a monochrome one. Here’s why.

Oppo logo changing overtime

The new Oppo logo is black and white, with the letters “Oppo”. Redesigns can be a breath of fresh air for a brand, and that seems to be what inspired Oppo to change its logo.

In an official statement on TikTok, OPPO said the shift is aimed at creating a more sophisticated and modern brand image (Via Sparrows news).

It seems Oppo simply wanted to change its logo for a fresh start. The company has been growing rapidly in recent years, and it may have felt that a new logo would help to reflect its new status as a global player.

OPPO logo changed to color black

Oppo has been phasing out its green logo for some time now. GSMArena points out the company has been gradually removing the green from its marketing materials and replacing it with white letters. In some cases, the company has even tweaked the white letters to suit different visual elements.

The new logo redesign shouldn’t matter much to you as a general consumer, unless you have a special fondness for the color green. This writer believes the new monochrome logo looks much better than the old one. It gives the brand a more minimalist look and appeals to a younger audience.

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