Twitter has silently implemented a sudden and unannounced update, making it mandatory for users to log into their accounts to view tweets and user profiles. Before now, tweets could be accessed without logging in or having a profile on the platform.


The change took effect without any prior announcement, catching users off guard when they tried to view content without signing in, only to be redirected to a prompt requesting login or signup.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, acknowledged the update, referring to it as a “temporary emergency measure.”

You must login now before viewing tweets, profiles

He explained that excessive data pillaging was degrading service for regular users, necessitating immediate action. Musk did not specify how long the change would be in effect.

When asked about the inability to embed tweets in most chat apps, Musk stated that the issue would be resolved soon. He expressed frustration with the extensive data scraping by AI companies and the strain it placed on servers.

You must login now before viewing tweets, profiles 1

The implementation of this mandatory login requirement raises concerns about Twitter’s accessibility and user experience.

It remains unclear whether this change will be permanent or if alternative solutions will be explored to address data scraping. The impact on users who prefer browsing tweets without an account remains to be seen.

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