WhatsApp is well-known for rolling out constant updates to its app in order to continuously improve its user experience. The popular messaging platform seems very determined to stay ahead of the race.


WhatsApp is yet again planning to release a new update. This update is expected to bring more enjoyment to users and enhance user interactions with the app. Few days ago, WhatsApp made an announcement about the release of two new improvements related to avatars. These enhancements are available for both iOS and Android versions of the app.

WhatsApp Animated Avatar Coming Soon

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is planning to introduce an animated version of the avatar pack in a future update of the app. This means users will have the option to use animated avatars in their profiles. The WhatsApp update website stated that two days ago, WhatsApp made an announcement about releasing two new enhancements for avatars on both iOS and Android versions of the app.

In addition to the previous enhancements, the latest WhatsApp beta for Android version revealed that the app will introduce an animated version of the avatar pack in a future update. So, users can look forward to having animated avatars for their profiles soon!

WhatsApp Animated Avatar

Furthermore, concerning the two improvements that WhatsApp announced earlier, WABetaInfo explained that the first enhancement allows users to configure their avatars by simply taking a photo. This makes the avatar creation process automatic and more convenient for users.

The second improvement involves a broader collection of avatars, which is automatically made available to all users who set up their avatar configuration directly from the app settings. So, users will have a wider range of avatar options to choose from when customizing their profiles.

WhatsApp Animated Avatar 1

The website described the update as a “significant improvement.” Stating that it would enhance user interactions by introducing a dynamic element to avatars. This means that with the animated avatars, users can expect a more engaging and interactive experience when using WhatsApp.

The website further explained that the animated avatars will add more life and personality to stickers, resulting in a more expressive communication experience. Although there was no specific information about the exact date for the rollout of this feature, it was mentioned that the avatars are already available for use, and the user experience appears to be very stable, according to WABetaInfo’s conclusion. So, users can expect to enjoy the enhanced and dynamic avatar feature soon.

We will also keep close tabs on the development of this exciting feature just to feed our readers with more details. As soon as it becomes available, we will publish the news on all our platforms. So, do well to visit more frequently in order to have first-hand experience of this latest WhatsApp Feature.


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