YouTube is reportedly conducting internal testing of a new feature that will allow you to play online games on their desktop through the YouTube website or on their iOS and Android devices using the YouTube app.


The feature, known as “Playables,” includes arcade-style games like Stack Bounce, where players use a bouncing ball to break through layers of bricks. YouTube has invited its employees to test the product, and Stack Bounce is one of the games available for testing.

This development follows the closure of Stadia earlier this year. Despite the shutdown, Google expressed its commitment to the gaming industry and stated that it would invest in new tools, technologies, and platforms to support developers, industry partners, cloud customers, and creators.

A YouTube spokesperson acknowledged that gaming has been a key focus for the platform and mentioned that they are currently experimenting with new features. However, there are no specific announcements at this time.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, hosting online games on YouTube aligns with CEO Neal Mohan’s strategy to explore new avenues of growth amidst a slowdown in advertising spending. YouTube is a popular platform for streaming games and watching live game footage, making it a natural extension to introduce online gaming capabilities.