The Nothing Phone (2) is expected to be officially launched next month, but you can have a sneak peek right now thanks to @OnLeaks and Smartprix. The new design is recognizably “Nothing” with its transparent back and prominent Glyph light strips.

Nothing Phone (2) render 1

However, there are a few key changes. The company has confirmed that its second smartphone will have a larger display at 6.7” (up from 6.55”) and it seems that it felt the need to change up the ergonomics.

The new design has rounded aluminum sides, even the glass panels on the front and the back have a slight arc to them. This is contrast with the Phone (1), which had squared off sides along with a flat front and back.

The light strips for the Glyph interface are now segmented. This could give users more fine grain control over the system, which serves as status indicator, notification light and just as something to add some cool factor. @OnLeaks notes that the renders are based on a unit from the testing stage, so there may be some small tweaks to the final design.

Nothing Phone (2) render 2

Major tweaks are unlikely, however, which means that the Nothing Phone (2) is sticking with a dual-camera setup. The flash now has two LEDs instead of just one, but that’s the only addition.

The Phone (2) will be moving upmarket with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, but it will stick to the mid-range field instead of taking on flagships.

The original launched with a base price of €470/£400/₹33,000, we’ll see whether the new one maintains this price or starts higher. Oh, and this one is coming to the US too.



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