Elon Musk has made yet another move in the Twitter world. Taking charge of Twitter, Musk wasted no time in introducing a new subscription service called Twitter Blue, offering a host of exclusive benefits to its users.

Twitter Blue

In his latest tweet, Musk unveiled an exciting feature available exclusively to Twitter Blue subscribers: the ability to upload videos up to a staggering 8GB in size and 2 hours in length.

Feature Is Only Available On Twitter Web And iOS App

Currently, this feature is limited to the Twitter app for iOS and twitter.com on the web. However, Android users need not fret, as they can still enjoy the privilege of uploading videos up to 10 minutes long.

This development opens up new possibilities for content creators and users who wish to share longer videos and engage with their followers in more immersive ways.

For Twitter Blue subscribers looking to share a lengthier video, the process is straightforward. They can navigate to the compose box on twitter.com, choose a video file from their device, and simply click the “Tweet” button to upload and share it with the world. Importantly, there is no restriction on the number of videos that can be uploaded, even if they are of the maximum length.

In contrast, regular Twitter users will find themselves limited to uploading videos of up to 140 seconds in duration, whether they are using the mobile app or accessing Twitter via the web.

This move by Elon Musk and Twitter signifies a commitment to enhancing the user experience and providing added value to their loyal subscribers. With the ability to upload longer videos, content creators can now showcase their creativity and ideas in a more comprehensive manner, fostering deeper connections and conversations within the Twitter community. This might be the last major move Elon Musk gets to make as he steps down from his position as CEO.

This could also potentially lead to a number of challenges and drawbacks. Firstly, the increased file size and length may put a strain on Twitter’s servers and infrastructure, resulting in slower load times and potential disruptions to the platform’s overall performance. Moreover, the availability of such long videos could lead to an influx of low-quality or irrelevant content, overwhelming users’ feeds and diminishing the overall user experience.

Additionally, the potential for copyright infringement and the spread of inappropriate or harmful content may increase with the ability to upload longer videos. Ensuring proper moderation and content control will be crucial to prevent misuse of this feature and to maintain a safe and engaging environment for all Twitter users.

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