Microsoft recently notified its users through the updated Windows Message Center that it will be ending its support for Windows 10 version 21H2 by next month.

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What this means is that, Windows 10 users will no longer receive any security updates or additional features after that time. Earlier 2021, Microsoft shifted its Windows 10 feature update cycle to an annual cycle, and guaranteed that updates will be provided until October 2025.

Automatic Upgrade to Windows 10 Version 22H2

Following the conclusion of support for Windows 10 Version 21H2, Microsoft will automatically update users to Windows 10 Version 22H2, even if they have not expressed a preference for it.

This upgrade will occur at an unspecified time after the end of support.

Implications of Support Discontinuation

Upon the arrival of the June 2023 security update, the Windows 10 21H2 Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro Workstation editions will cease to receive servicing and support.

Consequently, they will no longer receive security and preview updates aimed at safeguarding against security threats.

Extended Security Updates and Third-Party Patches

While Windows 10 Version 22H2 will be the final version of the operating system, it will continue to receive security updates until October 14, 2025. However, enterprise users will have a few additional years of support.

Users who continue to utilize Windows 10 beyond the designated date may need to seek patches from third-party entities like 0patch to ensure ongoing security protection.

Transition to Windows 11

Although Microsoft is pushing for the adoption of Windows 11, it is presently enforcing the upgrade to Windows 10 Version 22H2 for those using the outdated version. This approach aligns with Microsoft’s goal of encouraging users to migrate to the newer operating system.

Changes to Licensing

As of January, Microsoft has ceased selling licenses for Windows 10 Home, Pro, and Workstation through its website for consumer digital downloads. Therefore, devices running these versions will no longer get monthly security and preview updates from Microsoft, demanding other methods to protect against the latest security threats.

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