The Ford E-Tourneo Courier electric minivan has been unveiled with a range of 230 miles (370km). The E-Tourneo looks like an SUV on the outside but is actually an electric minivan.

Ford E Tourneo Courier electric minivan

It is equipped with a 100kW front-wheel drive motor. The EV is pitched as a multi-activity vehicle with SUV-inspired looks.

Ford E-Tourneo Courier electric vehicle is an SUV disguised as a minivan

The E-Tourneo Courier is a five-seater EV and Ford seems to be re-inventing the practicality of the minivan. The new Ford electric minivan’s front bumper, matte black trim on the wheel and doors, and its taller outlook all bear semblance to an SUV.

The car has two fewer seats than the Tourneo Connect and could serve as a middle ground for buyers. It combines the rugged SUV veneer and the expansive interior while maintaining maneuverability.

E Tourneo Courier electric minivan

The Ford E-Tourneo Courier offers up to 614 litres of cargo space in addition to passengers occupying the rear seats. When the rear seats are flattened, the total storage space rises to 2,162 litres. The EV can thus offer massive storage space at par with some bigger models like the Ford Expedition SUV.

It can also be equipped with a tow hitch but the limit is just 700kg. The car is also strong on mileage as it offers up to 370km on a single charge. The 100kW motor of the E-Tourneo Courier however seems to be a bit sub-par.


Ford E-Tourneo Courie minivan Price and Availability

The Ford E-Tourneo Courie minivan is expected to berth in Europe in H2, 2024. There are no definitive estimates of the EV’s cost but some sources say it could be as high as €23,000 (~$25,000). The Ford E-Tourneo Courier could also be available in other regions outside Europe, such as North America.

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