The popular ChatGPT has just received a new change as announced by OpenAI. The company’s AI chat bot will now let you turn off their chat history. So here are all the details.

chatGPT 1

OpenAI is bringing a change that will allow ChatGPT users to turn off chat history. Simply put, this feature will basically let you choose which conversations will train their models. So now, you can disable the chat history to also help choose what data would be used to train OpenAI’s models. On the flip side, these can also be accessed in the “history” sidebar. OpenAI has stated that it will retain new conversations with the chat bot for 30 days.

Although, it also announced that these chats will only be reviewed if it is “needed to monitor for abuse, before permanently deleting.”

OpenAI further added that “We hope this provides an easier way to manage your data than our existing opt out process.”

ChatGPT now allows users to turn off their chat history

Apart from this, the company also announced that it is also working on a new ChatGPT Business subscription for processionals. This model is basically being targeted to enterprises that will require more control over their data.

This announcement also revealed that there will also be a new Export option in the settings, which will make it easier for users to export their data from ChatGPT, by sending you a file with your conversations and every other crucial data via an email.


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