WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has recently introduced a new feature in its latest update for iOS users. The feature allows you to create custom stickers from your own images. Eliminating the need for third-party applications to create certain stickers. So, this has become possible by supporting an official iOS 16 API, which the app is using.


According to Wabetainfo, The WhatsApp for iOS 23.1.75 update introduced a changelog from the App Store that revealed the ability to drag and drop images, videos, and documents from other apps to your WhatsApp chats, making it easier to share them with your contacts and groups.

Since the app is built on the iOS 16 SDK, WhatsApp would be able to use some features that are exclusive to this version of iOS in the future. And now, WhatsApp is releasing a new sticker maker tool to let users quickly create stickers from their images.

WhatsApp: You Can Now Convert Images Into Stickers

So, the new feature allows users to extract a subject from an image. And paste it within a chat to create a custom sticker. Once the image is pasted, WhatsApp automatically converts it into a sticker that can be added to the user’s collection of stickers.

While some users may have already been able to use this feature in the past few days, it is now available to everyone on iOS 16. There are no plans to bring a similar sticker maker tool to older versions of iOS.

convert your WhatsApp images into stickers

One of the advantages of having this feature built into WhatsApp is that it provides a more integrated experience for users. Previously, people had to switch between different apps or tools to create and use their own stickers.

Now, with the ability to create custom stickers directly within the app, the process becomes faster and more efficient. In a future update of WhatsApp, we can expect some advanced tools. To manage such stickers in custom sticker packs right within the app.

So, the ability to convert images to stickers is available to everyone on the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS 23.3.77. Which is available on the App Store. To use this feature, it is essential to keep your version of WhatsApp up to date.



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