The Nokia Design Team has unveiled a new user interface design language dubbed Pure UI. This is intended to be used on Nokia phones, of course, but also all kinds of other Nokia products.

Nokia Pure UI unveiled
Nokia Pure UI unveiled

The design is intended to be consistent, flexible and future-proof and has a clean, minimalistic look, which is the leading design trend right now. There are multiple components, starting with templates and guidelines that determine the overall look.

A major part of the new look is the Nokia Pure typeface, which will be used throughout the UI.

New icons have been designed for Pure too. They are based on strokes, the thickness of which can be varied to match the display requirements and capabilities of a given device. They also include smooth animations when a particular component needs to catch the user’s attention.


The Nokia team has also prepared standard elements that designers can use to quickly build consistent-looking screens.

Dark mode is supported, of course, with elements and icons adjusting their styles accordingly.

So far Nokia phones have stuck close to the stock Android look, but we should see a push towards adopting Pure UI. There’s no mention of how soon that will happen, though.

Again, this will be used on phones but other devices too – Nokia Pure UI has powerful components that can be used to build complex web-based dashboards, for example. The interface is designed to scale from tiny wrist-worn displays to large wall-mounted panels.

The Nokia Pure UI can be used to build complex information rich dashboards
The Nokia Pure UI can be used to build complex, information-rich dashboards

Check out the page for a closer look at the new interface.



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