Hackers have tore Tesla’s cybersecurity measures apart. At the Pwn2Own hacking event, hackers managed to escaped with $100,000 and a Tesla Model 3 as a prize. Cybersecurity is essential today because electric vehicles require a lot of software to operate. A single black hole can cost the manufacturer billions of dollars.

Tesla hacked

The hackers were reported to have managed to get into the vehicle’s core system. What happens next is that the vehicle owners’ privacy is compromised, they lose access to their car, and the hacker is free to hold it for ransom.

This is a serious breach whenever it happens. Also, hackers won’t stop there; they usually like to attack the company’s data servers for more.

Hackers Hacked Tesla, Stole $100, 000

In a hacking competition, a group of hackers hacked Tesla Model 3 and were able to win the vehicle with $100,000. Moreover, the hacking group Synactiv remains on top of the Pwn2Own hacking competition.

On their Twitter account, the Zero Day Initiative reveals that Synactiv used TOCTOU to gain access to the vehicle. Tesla asks to keep things private before finding a reliable solution to close the vulnerability.

The group uses the Time Of Check Time Of Use (TOCTOU) technique to gain system access by modifying internal files. This is a fairly straightforward method. It works by modifying files that the system uses to ensure whether someone has access to it. Generally, users use these files to gain access or change their credentials.

What Is Pwn2Own?

Pwn2Own is one of the most popular hacking events where hackers from all over the world compete for prizes. In this event, hackers attempt to exploit popular software on the market.

Hackers are given devices and software to exploit their target. The first team to complete the task wins the prize. In a recent event, hackers hacked Tesla and also bagged a Tesla Model 3 with $100,000.



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