Elon Musk, the current CEO of Twitter, recently announced a mouth-watering change in the micro-blogging platform. In his recent tweet, he announced his intention to start paying its users.

Elon Musk and Twitter 1

He stated that creators of tweets will be able to receive a portion of the revenue generated from advertising. The amount received will depend on the ad impressions in response to the original tweet. The more successful a tweet is, the more responses it receives, the more money its creator will make.

Every time someone enters the tweet and scrolls down to see the responses, an advertising impression is generated. And a portion of the revenue will go to the user’s account.

Earning Money On Twitter Now Possible

However, this announcement raises more questions than it answers. There is no information on what percentage of the revenue will go to the users, how they will collect it, or how they will even know how many impressions their tweet ads are generating.

While Musk has stated that the function will be available since the announcement, there is no clarity on the details. This could potentially be related to the wallet feature that was to be implemented on Twitter. Or a possible associated cryptocurrency. But no official statement has taken place to confirm this.

One thing that Musk has made clear is that to receive the money, the users will first have to pay him. The function will only be available to users who are verified with Twitter Blue. Meaning they will have to provide their identity and pay the subscription fee each month. To obtain the blue mark on their name.

In conclusion, this announcement, like many others made by Musk since he took charge of Twitter, has many fine details and the key will be in how it is applied.

This change will only be beneficial for the most famous users of the social media, while for the rest, it will only serve to fill Elon Musk‘s coffers.



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