Several people have been waiting to lay their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series of flagship smartphones to see how they beat the iPhone 14. Yes, this standoff is as old as time. However, people forgot about the new Samsung top-notch smartphone because of another world-shaking event. ChatGPT is changing the world, and no one cares about the battle between those two.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series

Well, these are among the most-talked topics on the net. So folks at PhoneArena has decided to combine these two and see what happens. We mean many users think that the Samsung Galaxy S23 has no rivals in the Android camp. But does ChatGPT think so?

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Gets Eulogised By ChatGPT

After a couple-minute flirt, guys at PhoneArena asked ChatGPT what smartphone it would have been created if being as a tech-savvy CEO of a smartphone firm. Agree that most of you have though about this at least a single time in life. Here is what the AI bot replied:

“As a tech-savvy CEO, I would aim to create a smartphone that combines cutting-edge tech with a sleek and better design. A smartphone that comes to mind as being similar to what I would create is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This device features a large, high-resolution display, powerful processors, and a versatile camera system, all in a stylish, premium design. It also supports the latest tech, including 5G connectivity and an improved S Pen. However, I would aim to differentiate my smartphone by incorporating unique features and design elements that set it apart from the competition.”

Here we should point out that ChatGPT has no clue that the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 exist because it was trained on data from the internet back in 2021.

Then, ChatGPT described how it would make smartphones better. Among suggestions, it mentioned improved battery life, flexible display, better AI and camera, and unique design elements.

ChatGPT’s answer sounds similar to what a product manager at Samsung would say, doesn’t it?



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