Nothing Phone (2) will be released in 2023, according to Pei Yu, the founder of Nothing. He also made some comments regarding the new features that this device will bring. The next Nothing Phone (2), according to Pei Yu, would be “more advanced” than the first-gen model, with software being one of its “primary focuses”. Pei Yu also assessed how the existing Nothing Phones (1) and (2) relate to one another.

Nothing Phone 2 render

He said, “Over the past seven to nine years, mobile chips have really been strengthened. That’s why I would avoid calling Nothing Phone (2) the flagship phone because it will make people think that Nothing Phone (1) is not a flagship. Among the products under Nothing, Phone (1) is very important in terms of our own attention. That’s why I chose the word “premium” to describe the Phone (2), which is a more advanced upgrade, but it’s just as flagship as the Phone (1).”

Nothing Phone (2) Targets The U.S Market

Pei Yu further claims that the company will give this a high priority to this device. Also, the Nothing Phone (2) will launch in the US market later this year.

“We’re excited about the U.S. market because it’s a huge country. If you look at the sales of our headsets, about a third of them come from the U.S. If we don’t launch the phone in the U.S., we’re probably going to be losing a third of our sales.”

Nothing Phone 1 in colors
Nothing Phone (1)

Pei Yu further disclosed that Nothing’s inability to satisfy the compliance and functional integration criteria of local telecom operators was a major factor in the company’s earlier failure in the U.S.

“When you make a phone for the U.S., you need to work with the telcos to certify and integrate some of their features into your operating system. Nothing didn’t have the resources to do that before, but now we have.”

Nothing Phone (2) Specs: A Flagship Killer With 12GB RAM

MySmartPrice was able to get some information about the mobile phone’s characteristics and the period in wich it will be announced. A065 will be the model number of the smartphone that ill offer a flagship experience. The Nothing Phone 2, will be available in the second half of 2023, according to an insider. It will include a Qualcomm platform from the Snapdragon 8 family under the hood. Although it is not clear which one.

According to the specifications, the smartphone would include 256 GB of internal storage. In addition to at least 12 GB of RAM. The battery unit will have a capacity of 5,000 mAh. Which is an improvement above the 4,500 mAh of its predecessor.

The display has to support a refresh rate of 120 Hz and be AMOLED. The insider claims that adaptive technology will be in use to provide more fluidity in content reproduction.

Although there is no set date for its introduction, Nothing Phone 2 will launch in the third quarter of 2023 and will be Nothing Phone 1’s replacement. New information on the smartphone should start to surface in the upcoming weeks. Along with certificates attesting to the accuracy of these features.

It is worth to mention that the company will put more focus on the software side of the smartphone in the new generation. According to the CEO of the firm, software will be one of the “main priorities” of the next Nothing Phone (2). Which would be “more sophisticated” than the first-gen model.

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