According to the new EU law, all mobile devices must unify and use a single charging system, USB Type-C port. And this is of course not a big deal for most brands because they already use this charging port. However, Apple is not convenient with this new law.

iPhone 15 series reportedly coming with dual ports 1

The company does not want to ditch its Lightning port for the new USB Type-C interface. However, it may not be a straightforward situation as many think. Apple has a couple of options that it will consider.

There have been reports that future iPhones will support only wireless charging. There are also reports that users will not be able to use just any USB Type-C cable on the iPhone 15 series.

We have seen engineers successfully change the Lightning interface of the iPhone to a USB Type-C interface. Now, there is another idea of a dual-port iPhone. In this case, the engineer simply (not so simple though) adds the USB Type-C interface to the old Lightning interface.

iPhone 15 To Have USB Type-C and Lightning port

YouTube blogger Hyphaistos3672 did some work on the iPhone 12 mini, inserting a USB Type-C port on the side of the Lightning port. He was able to create a dual-port iPhone. To achieve this, the engineers had to teardown the phone, cut a hole in the bottom, and placed the new USB Type-C port.

iPhone 15 series reportedly coming with dual ports

The connection links to the existing hardware of the mobile phone. The engineer/blogger was able to create an iPhone 12 mini with a fully functional USB Type-C port that can connect the iPhone to iTunes. This is not an official work from Apple thus the company may never use this strategy.

Although the iPhone with two interfaces looks strange, some netizens point out that one of the benefits of this dual-interface design. “You can use headphones and charge at the same time, just like in 2016”.

Recall that the iPhone 7 expunged the headphone jack which brings some issues to iPhone users who love wired headphones. Do you think Apple will like to adopt the dual port strategy? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Click here to watch the transformation video.


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