WhatsApp is developing and testing a new shortcut that blocks a spam contact or number without joining the discussion.


It is currently essential to initiate a chat, click the settings button (the three tiny vertical dots), navigate to the sub-menu marked “More,” and then select the “Block” tab in order to block a contact on WhatsApp.

Fortunately, by 2023, this relatively long process will be so quick. According to WaBetaInfo, which spends its time uncovering the app‘s next advancements, WhatsApp is indeed working on two highly useful shortcuts.

WhatsApp makes blocking of contacts easier

First, using the service’s primary interface, it will be possible to block a contact in the future. Long-pressing on a contact’s conversation will automatically bring up the options window, which will include a “Block” option. Here, it would only take two clicks to perform this small trick.

WhatsApp plans to do more. The “Silent mode” and “Answer” buttons will be present on a pop-up notification, along with an alternate shortcut. When you receive a message from a questionable number, such as spam, you will then be able to block it from the notification with a simple tap. Simple and useful.

WhatsApp Rolls Out Proxy Support

Keep in mind that the other shortcut only appears in the situation where the number is ambiguous or deemed unreliable. If this modification does not completely transform the user experience, it tends to at least improve it and make the many crucial user actions simpler.

This feature is still being developed at the moment. Beta testers will get access to it first so they may test it and report any problems or other issues. The public will thereafter begin to receive the Meta service on a more widespread scale. We will let you know when the feature will be available for everyone. So stay tuned with us.

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