TikTok recently got banned in more than 25 states from devices that were issued by government. This ban has now extended to include public/state schools, but it seems that this decision has resulted in some hefty backlash.


For those unaware, the popular short video sharing platform’s parent company (ByteDance) being situated in China has raised concerns for many. The app has been accused of stealing users’ personal data and even capturing keystrokes to learn passwords and other sensitive information. But despite all of this, there have been protest against the ban of this social media giant in public schools. As of right now, the ban on TikTok has been implemented in more than a dozen state run universities.

This includes the Auburn University, the University of Georgia, Oklahoma State University, and even the University of Texas, Austin. Similarly, it has also been banned in certain schools, with the app not being allowed to be installed on university owned devices. Meanwhile, there are also schools that have banned TikTok on their campus networks as well, while others are employing both of these methods to keep people away from the app.

The popular social media platform’s ban has caused both students and professors to protest. The protest spoke out against the restriction of the app.

Kate Biberdorf, an associate professor of chemistry at the University of Texas stated that “I use TikTok as an educational tool to make science fun and accessible. To have that tool be taken away by a university, that doesn’t sit right with me. Right now in our community, it feels like our rights are being taken away, and this is another push in the wrong direction.”


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