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Palm Reading iReader Smart Air Pro with 2,400mAh battery launched

The Palm Reading iReader Smart Air Pro e-note has finally been announced in China. The new e-paper book reader comes with an 8-inch 300 PPI ink screen. It offers significant performance improvements and has a larger storage capacity than its predecessor. It also has an excellent display.

Palm Reading iReader Smart Air Pro

iReader Smart Air Pro Specifications and Features

The Smart Air Pro e-note supports Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity to wireless earphones. The gadget comes with a 2,400mAh battery that can last for 75 hours. On standby, the battery can deliver for up to 45 days.

The latest Palm Reading offering is a high-end, new-generation electronic paper book. It is equipped with a 2GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. The larger storage space means that the gadget can accommodate more books than the previous model.

It uses a Carta 1200 panel with improved refresh and contrast rates, while the thickness was reduced by up to 40%. Specifically, there is a 22% and 15% increase in the display refresh rate and contrast ratio respectively over its predecessor.

Palm Reading iReader Smart Air Pro unveiled

The iReader Smart Air Pro is desined to read books and take notes, as well as edit PDF files. It is the first iReader product to support English out of the box. It has a front-lit display with 28 levels of warm and cold lights for a variety of scenarios.

The Smart Air Pro e-paper book has an upgraded screen surface etching process and a 92% light transmittance. This provides an almost balanced feel when handwriting and also visual perception. The Smart Air Pro supports 4,096 levels of pressure using its stylus. The device is 6.3mm thick and weighs 225g.

Palm Reading iReader Smart Air Pro launched

Palm Reading iReader Smart Air Pro Price and Availability

The Smart Air Pro is available in China at a retail price of 2,199 yuan (~$319). It can be purchased from leading e-commerce platforms in China like Jingdong. The product ships to some international markets but delivery time and shipping cost vary.



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