The Apple‘s iPhone 14 Pro models came with a new pill-shaped cutout, which substituted the notch at the top which has been a familiar sight for the past several generations. The Cupertino company calls it Dynamic Island and rumors suggest it will expand to all four iPhone 15 models this year. However, the brand may be having some different plans for next year’s iPhone 16 Pro.

iphone 14 pro Dynamic Island Has Been Available On The Honor V20 Four Years Ago

According to a report by The Elec, Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro will feature under-display Face ID technology in order to provide a more usable display area. The TrueDepth camera used for ‌Facial recognition will not be visible when the function is not in use. Only the lens hole for the front camera will be visible, giving a more seamless look.

The publication says the front-facing camera hole will remain on the iPhone 16 Pro, but the display area and immersive experience will improve overall. In addition, it confirms that the display cutouts for this year’s iPhone 15 Pro will be the same as the iPhone 14 Pro as the under-display Face ID is not ready yet.

Further, the report adds Apple will adopt an under-panel camera (UPC) sequentially after applying under-panel Face ID to the front of the iPhone. UPC will still have a front camera module mounted under the display but when not in use, the camera lens hole will not be visible. The application principle of under-panel face ID and UPC will apparently be the same.

The new tech will likely be limited to the Pro models and will be extended to the rest of the devices in the next generation.

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