Fake and annoying comments that are posted under the comments section of creators’ videos have come to the notice of many people. Some people also attempt to spam others with a YouTube video’s comment section.


After receiving so much attention from the creators, the brand is now finally implementing security steps to prevent these spam comments. In case a comment spammer is found to be breaking any guidelines, YouTube has stated that they would start issuing warnings to them.

If the user continues to publish inappropriate comments, YouTube may prohibit them from posting for up to 24 hours, according to a post made at TeamYouTube and signed “Rob.” According to Rob’s post, “Our testing has shown that these warnings/timeouts lower the risk that people would leave violative comments again.”

Currently, the notice is only accessible for English comments, but Rob says they plan to expand it to additional languages soon. Additionally, the business has enhanced its capacity to recognise bots in live chats and spam in comments.

This year, a number of creators, including Jacksepticeye, MKBHD, and Linus Tech Tips, have all produced videos about comment spam. Although spam can take many different forms, you might encounter waves of copied-and-pasted remarks, remarks that impersonate well-known producers, or scams involving products like Robux.

YouTube has responded by introducing a method to make comment moderation more stringent and is eliminating techniques that allow people to mimic creators. Now, it is also adding a notice for spammers. We really hope these steps would lower the spam rates.

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