Towards the end of last month, OnePlus announced the extension of software support for some of its upcoming devices from 2023. A few weeks of the announcement, Oppo, the parent company of OnePlus, did same thing. Oppo has been expected to make the same announcement for its handsets since OnePlus phones now basically run the former’s ColorOS software.

Let’s check out the new updated software policy from these two brands.

ColorOS 13
ColorOS 13

In a press release, Oppo reveals that it will be now providing up to 4 Android updates to select flagship smartphones from 2023. These devices will also receive security updates for up to 5 years.

Up until now, Oppo’s premium handsets were limited to 3 Android updates and 4 years of security updates. The new updated software policy is also applicable to OnePlus, which actually got to make the announcement first due to its popularity in global markets.

Thus, Oppo and OnePlus now tie with Samsung in terms of software support for their smartphones. As of now, these three brands offer longer support than Google and other leading Android OEMs.

Further, Oppo also discloses that it has delivered ColorOS 13 update to 33 devices globally in the last 4 months. It is currently the fastest rollout in the history of ColorOS. The company managed to push ColorOS 13 to 50% more devices when compared to ColorOS 12 during the same timeframe.

Similarly, since OnePlus phones now use ColorOS, the brand also witnessed the fastest rollout of the latest Android update to its devices in its history.

ColorOS has surely come a long way. Let us know your thoughts on Oppo’s Android-based mobile software in the comment section below.


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