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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may come with a lower-resolution selfie camera

Samsung Flagship smartphones is well known to always come with one major feature, Megapixels count. Unlike other brands, Samsung does not like to compromise the Megapixels of its flagship smartphones especially on its S-series.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra renders

The brand took a huge jump from 10MP front camera in the Galaxy S10 Plus to 40MP in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Users expected the same for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that was launched in the year 2020 introduced a major upgrade in the megapixels count of front cameras of Samsung flagship smartphones. Since then, all preceding Samsung flagships have featured 40MP front cameras.

In actual fact, we all thought we have had enough of the 40MP selfie camera. The S20 Ultra, S21 Ultra and the S22 Ultra all used 40MP. It’s about time Samsung went for an upgrade. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but Samsung may rather downgrade.

According to a report from GalaxyClub, the next flagship lineup from Samsung will launch in February 2023. The highest end model, the Galaxy S23 Ultra may see a big downgrade in the front camera department.

On the flip side, the base model Galaxy S23 and the S23 Plus will finally get an upgrade to the front cameras. Samsung will finally ditch the 10MP front cameras and go in for an upgraded 12MP selfie camera.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may also drop the 40MP from its predecessor and go in for a 12MP just like the S23 and the S23 plus. Now, to the normal smartphone user, this may look like an upgrade to the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus. And of course, a disappointing downgrade to the S23 Ultra

That might not solely be the case in the tech world. Pixel count is not everything when it comes to camera performance. The chipsets in the smartphones as well as software processing comes to play where there is low Pixel count.

Despite the downgrade in the Megapixels, one thing Samsung can assure you is that the front camera of the S23 Ultra will definitely perform better than its predecessors.

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