Xiaomi today introduced MIUI 14, the company’s next-generation UI for its smartphone at an event in China, as it had promised. This follows the MIUI 13 which was introduced back in December last year. Xiaomi said that this is the 12th year of MIUI. The company added that MIUI’s global monthly active users have reached 564 million.


Xiaomi said that the MIUI 14 razor project makes the system light as ever. This includes system simplification with ultra-small firmware, memory usage, reducing the number of applications that cannot be uninstalled to just 8. It also adds application cleaning, save only one copy of duplicate files, and compress low-frequency applications. There are also improvements in notification management.

MIUI 14 photon engine architecture

The new MIUI photon engine operates on the underlying Android kernel and opens this capability to third-party application developers. The system is smoother, the fluency of the system is greatly improved in high-load scenarios, and the three-party is also smooth.

MIUI 14 smoothness

The information flow is smooth, and it brings more power-saving. The energy consumption of the third-party applications has increased by up to 22%. It also lets more developers to access the MIUI photon engine.

Xiaomi said that it continues to work hard in the direction of security and privacy and has won the authoritative certification of Tell Labs in both privacy and security fields.


On the MIUI14, the device-side privacy capabilities are further enhanced. All local computing, 0 data to the cloud and has covered 30+ system scenarios. Image extraction and text are all done locally, fast extraction and accurate recognition compared to iOS, said Xiaomi. The real-time bilingual subtitles for video conferencing, recording and translation are more confidential, it added.

MIUI 14 enhanced privacy

MIUI14 has a richer, personalized visual experience. Small changes make a big difference, says Xiaomi. This has large and changeable icons. There are 4 sizes for each icon, making the home screen more interesting.

MIUI 14 customizing homescreen

There are flowers and pets that can be added offering interactive cute things on the home screen, bringing them to life.

MIUI 14 interconnection

MIUI interconnection, two major interconnection centers, covering one billion devices. Connection is the foundation of the interconnection experience, this time, the new high-speed interconnection bus increases the speed of earphone discovery by 50%, the connection speed of mobile TV by 12%, and the speed of picture transmission during streaming is improved by 77%.

MIUI 14 interconnection 1

Being human-centered means paying attention to human perception and conforming to user intuition. Xiaomi has newly added earphone transfer, one-drag and connect, drag the earphone pendant, no need to pair, easy and direct connection. There is also cross-device control.

MIUI 14 smart home

The new version of Mijia makes smart home easier to use and more worry-free. Easy-to-use automation, multi-select devices, easy to create automation. It summarizes 4 types of equipment that are frequently used, and group them by room. There is security alarm, multi-terminal synchronous reminder and local control. Xiaomi thanked its 8000+ partners and said that more partners are welcome to join.

MIUI 14 family account

MIUI14 brings new family service functions. Family account allows up to 9 people so that they can share services with your loved ones. There is shared cloud space. Gold and above members can share cloud space with independent data. There is also a shared photo album, and you can bring together family memories and set it as a family screensaver, said the company.

First set of devices that will get MIUI 14 starting from January 2023

Tablets that will be get MIUI 14 in early April 2023

  • Mi Pad 5 Pro 12.4
  • Mi Pad 5 Pro 5G
  • Mi Pad 5 Pro
  • Mi Pad 5
  • Redmi Pad

It will also update Smart home screens this December 2022 and the Mijia APP 8.0 with new features will roll out late December.

We should know details about the global roll-out soon and also the list of other devices that will get the update soon.



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