Here is a peice of good news for all Xiaomi fans – at least for those that are into fast charging records! The brand has set a new record. It is expected to be the most powerful and fastest in the world when it hits the market. The company’s 210W has managed to surpass iQOO’s of 200W quick charging, presently holds the record.

Redmi Note 11 Pro is its 120W fast charging Fast Charging

However, Xiaomi has conducted a number of tests with the Xiaomi 11 Ultra and does not currently provide a 200W charge on the global market. Using this charging speed, the smartphone went completely from 0 to 100 in about 8 minutes.

A rapid charge that can provide 210W of electricity has just received certification from Xiaomi. Why is this number? It’s likely that the business has already broken the 8-minute barrier and doesn’t need to do anything further to reach another milestone.

Since the charger got the certification, it may really be put on the market. It is completely uncertain if Xiaomi would include this charger in a smartphone. With this kind of charge speed, it is feasible to input enough energy in a short period of time in smartphones to last for several hours.

The 8 or 7 minutes we’re talking about are for 4,000 mAh batteries, therefore if the size of the battery is bigger, these timeframes could change. It is wiser to use smaller batteries with this kind of charging speed. Since a few minutes will last for several hours.

This new charging speed could be in plans by Xiaomi for upcoming smartphones. The Xiaomi 13 or Xiaomi 13 Ultra appears to be the closest high-end device. And has the potential to set a record for charging speed.

What do you think of this quick charging technology? Do you want it to be available on your smartphone? Tell us more about your experience with fast charging.



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