Twitter has been in the news more than ever before ever since Elon Musk took over its driving seat. Since the takeover, he has been applying drastic changes to the company.

The world’s richest man fired several of the company executives and laid off thousands of employees. Now, the executive is hiring new talents and is working hard to fix some lackluster aspects of Twitter.

Also, he has been preparing for the launch of the unknown, controversial, Twitter Blue with multiple verified tags. In addition to this, Musk wants Direct Messages to become smarter and safer.

Twitter Direct Messages are there just for private messages and are far from advanced messaging apps. But that may change soon. As per a new report, Musk wants Twitter employees to work on features for the DMs. The goal is to bring encrypted messages, video, and voice calling support between accounts.

With these features, Twitter DMs will basically become a powerful messaging platform. And most importantly, it will be way safer and more private.

Encrypted messages are available on popular messaging apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp. Now, Musk wants the Twitter dev team to add this to the DMs. The goal is to bring more security to Twitter and prevent DMs from being exposed to a possible data breach.

To recall, the users of the microblog suffered from the lack of security on DMs. In 2018, the site warned users that an undisclosed number of DMs between businesses and customers had been accessible to outsiders for one year. Elon Musk wants to ensure that things like this will not happen again.

According to the reports, Musk spoke with Signal’s creator Moxie Marlinspike. The goal was to get aid to implement the encryption on Twitter’s DMs. Curiously, the Signal’s creator worked at Twitter. He tried to encrypt DMs, but that was denied by the company headers. He left the company and created Signal.

The inclusion of Voice and Video Chats is also interesting. The feature is available on multiple messaging apps. But Twitter’s DMs were not there to compete with such apps. With these features, the DMs can even evolve into a messaging platform in the future.


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