Twitter has been experiencing some rocky roads in recent times. However, it seems we are yet to see the end of its troubles, with a massive data breach causing the private user data for millions of users being leaked.

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The popular microblogging website had faced a data dump of sensitive identity information for over 5 million Twitter users. This sensitive information was later reportedly sold on the dark web. Now, another new report has revealed that the latest data dump is being offered for free, but this data breach is potentially more damaging than the last. The news arrives from a BleepingComputer report. This data leak contains “tens of millions of Twitter records.”

As per the report, the leak shares the user’s phone numbers, verified status, account names, Twitter IDs, biographies, and even their screen names. The original findings were first published by security researcher Chad Loder on Twitter. Although he was banned soon after on the platform for allegedly revealing this information. However, he has since migrated to Mastodon and shared his report there.

On his initial tweet, Loder stated that “I have just received evidence of a massive Twitter data breach affecting millions of Twitter accounts in EU and US. I have contacted a sample of the affected accounts and they confirmed that the breached data is accurate. This breach occurred no earlier than 2021.”

BleepingComputer analyzed a sample of the break for more than 1.3 million phone numbers of Twitter users from France, which revealed that this breach is accurate. So it remains to be seen how the company responds to this data breach.


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