Despite losing most of its market share in the US and Europe due to the embargo, Huawei did not relent in its growth in the rest of the world.

5G Mast (Photo: Silicon UK)
5G Mast (Photo: Silicon UK)

The firm is increasing its investments, especially in Africa and Nigeria. Lastly, Huawei has deployed 27500 communication sites in Nigeria to relieve users with a better communication experience.

Most of us know Huawei for its smartphones and similar products. However, the company is one of the leading telecommunications brands in the world.

Communication technology infrastructures in Asia, Africa and parts of Europe are in the hands of Huawei. Up to this point, Huawei has launched many programs and solutions to help Nigeria in the digital, network, and communication aspects.

Huawei has uprooted around 27500 communication sites and up to 10,000 km of fiber in the region. Ultimately, this initiative has helped more than 60% population to connect with high-end network facilities.

The company shared the following on its official Twitter account: “Since its arrival in Nigeria, Huawei has deployed over 27,500 communication sites, over 10,000 km fibre, helping connect 60% population and greatly reduce the communication cost.”

Alongside tech sources, Huawei is also providing knowledge to the Nigerian youth. Recently, the manufacturer has launched an effective digital skills development program (LEAP) and provided 3000+ ICT courses. This program will improve the ICT infrastructure within three years. Thus, Huawei’s digital efforts will give a new face to Nigeria in the time ahead.

Huawei South Africa President – ​​Leo Chen shared his views on how digitalization and ICT development can add more figures to Nigeria’s growth rate.

“Digitization is deeply rooted in people. Because we digitize for people and by people. When roots are deep, there is no need to fear the wind. Through the LEAP program, we strive to cultivate more youth leaders in ICT who can explore more possibilities for themselves, their families, community, and ultimately their nations.”