Just a couple of days ago, WhatsApp Premium was announced as an optional subscription plan for certain businesses. And now, the developers of the Meta-owned popular messaging app have just increased the number of participants in a group on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS.

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In May, WhatsApp gave its beta testers the ability to add up to 512 people to groups – making users to finally create larger groups than before. The feature was later made available to everybody. And now, according to wabetainfo, WhatsApp has surprisingly decided to increase the group limit again by supporting groups up to 1024 people this week.

As you can see in the screenshot below, this feature is available on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS, but it is limited to a certain undefined number of beta testers. If you want to check if the feature is available for your WhatsApp account, just try to create a group or to add new participants to an existing one: in this section, you can see what’s the limit configured for your account.

WhatsApp is increasing group size to 1024 participants

If you are still seeing “512”, don’t worry since it is a small test as happened in Argentina with the feature that lets share media files up to 2GB in size, it might take a while before reaching all other WhatsApp account, so nothing is wrong with your account.

Regarding this new development, this is a very important step forward since sub-groups of communities support the same new limit. In related reports from wabetainfo, WhatsApp is also developing new tools to give admins more control over these larger groups in the future, such as a list of pending participants and an approval system.

This feature is rolling out to some lucky beta testers on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS this week. However, we will let you know when more people have the ability to add more than 512 participants in their groups.


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