Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, was on the verge of becoming the world’s largest smartphone brand in 2019 based on the speed of adoption back then. However, the dream of dominating the smartphone world was cut short due to a suspected political-toned ban in the United States. And since then, its smartphone market share has been consistently declining.

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For many consumers, Huawei smartphones are not an option at the moment. The reason is that it does not support Google Mobile Services. This means that users can not have access to Google Play Store and many important apps. Due to disagreements between the Chinese company and the US, among other things, Google Mobile Services (GMS) from the American giant cannot be used in the latest devices of this brand.

In short, it is an ecosystem full of applications (e.g. Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Disk or Maps), databases and other interconnected API accesses.

Over the past three years, there have been several options on how to get apps on Huawei smartphones. Unfortunately, some of these options involve rigorous processes that an average user would not like to perform. Other options are risky, users could brick their phones. However, there are a few easy and straightforward ways to get apps from the Play Store on Huawei phones.

Fortunately, these simple and recent options are the most effective and they replace some older options. The two simple options for installing apps are Gspace and Googlefier.

Option 1 – Gspace

The Gspace tool is available for free download in the Huawei AppGallery. In just a few clicks, users can get the app. It creates a cut-off “space” in any Huawei smartphone.

In this cut-off space, all Google servers, applications and the PlayStore read the device as an old Huawei smartphone. Recall that the ban on Huawei only affects smartphones released after the ban. Thus, older Huawei smartphones still directly access Google Play Store.

Testing this app with the Huawei P50 Pocket, the cut-off space reads the device as Huawei nova 4e. This feature is available for free but comes with ads. If you do not want the ads, you can have an ad-free version for less than $20.

For Google apps, normal account login works and once you’re in Gspace, they run completely standard. But when you jump out of Gspace, it’s not so rosy anymore. These applications in Gspace work normally and they have access to the internet. However, it is important to note that they will not update notifications and will not update automatically. To update the app, you will have to enter Gspace, go to the Play Store and install the latest version.

One of the latest practical innovations in the Gspace tool is the ability to place shortcuts to applications on the smartphone’s desktop. To launch a specific application, there is no need to open Gspace and search for it in the list. You can simply drop its icon onto one of the regular desktops. A smaller Gspace icon will be visible on the shortcut, and it will also continue to launch in that space, but you’ll have much easier access to it.

Option 2 – Googlefier

Googlefier represents an original and rather complicated procedure for directly installing GMS on a Huawei mobile phone. The author is the user bender  007 from the XDA Developers community and his work is intended for more demanding users who do not want to run Google applications in a simulated space but directly get them to their mobile phones.

This tailor-made tool aims to guide the user through the entire process by simply clicking buttons with only the occasional change outside of the application. He can get even inexperienced people to the desired goal. All steps are explained very well, and the user knows exactly what the next click will trigger and cause. However, several conditions need to be met in order to successfully launch Googlefier. Among them is the older EMUI 10 system, which will be an insurmountable obstacle for owners of newer mobile phones.

You can find more about this tool in the official thread.



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